Tomoka Oaks Beautification Committee

Membership and Dues

Minimum dues are $80 per year.

Dues help pay for grass mowing, trimming, fertilizing, pest control, sprinkler maintenance, FPL power, hurricane cleanup, liability insurance, mailings, irrigation pumps, tree trimming/removal, flowers, signage, holiday decorations and more. Our VOLUNTEER (unpaid) HOA operates on a razor thin budget to keep our neighborhood looking good and keeps our property values higher. Please everyone send your very low dues to the HOA and urge your neighbors to do so. Help keep Tomoka Oaks looking great!

If you have not already done so, please make your check for $80 payable to Tomoka Oaks Homeowners Association and mail to: TOHA Treasurer, 124 N. Nova Road Box 193, Ormond Beach, Florida 32174.

Membership in the Association is open to a homeowner living in Tomoka Oaks, a subdivision located in Ormond Beach, Volusia County, Florida. Membership may be extended to a resident leasing a home.

A homeowner shall automatically be admitted to membership upon payment of the annual dues as specified in the by-laws. Members three (3) months delinquent in dues for any fiscal year shall be dropped from membership, but payment of delinquent dues shall entitle such person to reinstate.

 Thank you for your continued support of your Association!


Tomoka Oaks is a family friendly community in Ormond Beach consisting of single family homes.

Board Members - Contact Us - If you are interested in volunteering for one of these positions, please contact one of the Association’s Officers with your nomination:

John Power 386-566-8694, President

Chris Dunlop 321-223-0407, Vice President

Mike Green 386-212-9224, Treasurer

Kathy Page 386-405-5179, Secretary

Blanche Parks - Directory Chair

Blanche Parks / Kathy Page - Membership Chair

John Fatta / Sergio Faenza - Beautification

Tom Fitzgibbon - Technology Chair