I saw this article about an American Veterans public golf course in Michigan. https://www.woodtv.com/veterans-voices-2/got-your-six-american-dunes-golf-club-will-benefit-military-families/.

I suggest we come up with an alternative plan for the golf course land because:

1) Otherwise the City will say the community didn't want to do anything else with the land.

2) Small chance that an alternative plan will give the city cover while negotiating with the developer.

3) Might be able to slow down more home building or even save the green.

4) There is no downside to presenting an alternative.

Some features of the plan:

1) Veteran and family discount

2) Veteran parking

3) Veteran memorial

4) Nine hole golf course

5) paths (in green)

6) art/sculpture park

7) garden

8) pond

9) we could save front nine or back nine

I would like to hear some comments. - Tom Fitz

Tomoka Oaks Veterans Golf Course