Dear Residents,

The Tomoka Oaks Homeowner's Association ("TOHA") has retained land-use attorney Dennis Bayer to advise and represent the TOHA in regard to the potential development of the golf course.  The TOHA is soliciting contributions to pay for Mr. Bayer's services, as well as other professionals who we may need to retain (traffic engineer, land use planning expert, environmental engineer).  A separate account for the contributions has been established.  All expenditures must be reviewed and approved by the TOHA board.  None of the $80 per year voluntary dues that you pay will be utilized for these professional fees.  If you are interested in contributing:

1) Make checks payable to the "TOHA" with "legal fees" referenced in the memo line of the check.  The mailing address is: TOHA, 124 North Nova Road, Box 193, Ormond Beach, FL. 32174.

2) Or use the Go Fund Me account at

Any contributions not utilized will be returned on a pro-rata basis. 

For those of you who live on the golf course (as I do), the developers have indicated little interest in (though not completely foreclosing) selling parts of the golf course property to individual homeowners who border the course.  The developers are concerned about the difficulty of the process and creating a "checkerboard" situation by having an individual homeowner purchase some of the golf course land, while their neighbors do not.  That being said, I wanted to see how many people may be interested in pursuing this.  I have no information on how much land or a price, but am trying to gauge the level of interest.  If you are interested, please provide your name and address to me by next Tuesday.  My e-mail is  If there is strong interest, I will pursue more information from the developers.  If several adjoining residents are interested, it would be more likely the developers would be interested.

Jim Rose

Chairman of Golf Course Committee for the TOHA

Feb 13th, 2021 - HOA Zoom Golf Course Call Recording 


Feb 13th, 2021 - HOA Zoom Golf Course Call Chat

12:12:40 From  Toha Note : we are recording now

12:12:48 From  Michelle Zirkelbach : Are we able to ask questions via the Chat Feature?

12:13:14 From  Toha Note :

12:15:56 From  Vicki Davinich : hahaha

12:15:59 From  Peggy Brown : Song and dance pleease

12:16:05 From  Penny : Ok, Can you juggle?

12:16:14 From  missy herrero : Like sergio said, ask your neighbors to provide their address to the if they want to be included on updates regarding the golf course

12:16:14 From  Stephanie Janovsky : Tom this is a great format for meeting!  I think you may have more reach with busy families

12:16:16 From  Lisa Snipes : This is Terri Giuffrida.  Using my work zoom account.  How many residents/homes are there in Tomoka Oaks?

12:16:20 From  Peggy Brown : Pony show!

12:16:24 From  Vicki Davinich : save the golf course?

12:16:38 From  John Anthony : How about a review of how we got to today?

12:16:46 From  Ashley DuFrene : Really 500+ houses just in Tomoka Oaks?

12:16:49 From  missy herrero : We need more people involved!

12:17:06 From  Michael’s iPhone : I juggle in my mind

12:17:23 From  Lisa Snipes : I would think the Trails residents would also be very interested

12:17:25 From  Joe Pickard : How many residents belong to HOA?

12:17:55 From  John Anthony : Will you address the post by Mark Hayes on Next Door?

12:19:05 From  Lisa Snipes : Yes Terri

12:19:14 From  Bill Partington : toha does a great job

12:19:24 From  Penny : Funny, Michael!

12:21:40 From  Debbie Landoskey   to   Toha Note(Direct Message) : The record button isn’t red.  Just double checking it is being recorded.  Thank you

12:22:49 From  Toha Note   to   Debbie Landoskey(Direct Message) : recording meeting, in theory

12:23:24 From  Toha Note   to   Debbie Landoskey(Direct Message) :

12:23:44 From  Debbie Landoskey   to   Toha Note(Direct Message) : Thank you very much!

12:25:28 From  Heidi Nash : says you need access.  How do I get that?  Thanks!

12:28:06 From  Tom   to   Debbie Landoskey(Direct Message) : click on the zoom link on the front page or go to and enter meeting id and passcode

12:28:26 From  Tom   to   Debbie Landoskey(Direct Message) :

12:32:40 From  Sue & Charlie Hillman : can't get on the website

12:32:44 From  Tom   to   Debbie Landoskey(Direct Message) : Paying dues does not restrict the homeowner in any way

12:33:13 From  Debbie Landoskey   to   Tom(Direct Message) : You are sending me the answers to the public questions.

12:33:39 From  Tom : Paying dues does not restrict the homeowner in any way

12:34:39 From  Stephanie Janovsky :

12:35:57 From  Sue & Charlie Hillman : contact admistrator for access is what it says

12:36:53 From  Heidi Nash : still says the same message - need access

12:39:41 From  Tom : seems to work for me

12:46:25 From  Michelle Zirkelbach : If is not working, try using a different search engine to launch.  It worked find for me on Google Chrome.  


12:48:13 From  Heidi Nash : Thanks Michelle.  Got on through Chrome!  :)

12:48:51 From  Tom : works for me using Firefox and Safari

12:48:54 From  Paul : would some of the owners like to partner up and buy sell shares so as to buy the course like pebble beach?

12:49:21 From  Mary Hays : YES

12:49:42 From  Paul : does anyone have a price tag for the course, was it seeded as green space

12:50:01 From  Penny : With all due respect, the HOA appeared to "flower" the messaging in the mailing that went out about this--it sounded like these were very local people respectful of our neighborhood. Do these buyers have any experience in development (in a quick search, I didn't see any. One person owns the River Grille and the other guy is a realtor)? Are they intending on slapping cookie cutter houses down (which will additionally hurt our home values)?  

12:51:02 From  Paul : what is the owners asking price for the whole parcels

12:51:46 From  Adam Martin : what they will do is get permission for the planning and then sell to a big developer for more money

12:52:40 From  Charlotte Tsoucalas : any discussion at all so far of green space in the development

12:53:21 From  John Anthony : Thanks for doing this to share facts....This was the post from Mr Hayes: Tomoka Oaks Golf Course. Received this information from the Sipes on who the players are trying to buy the Golf Course. We back up to the golf course and a older white truck with a round long attachment went into the ground. No markings on trucka few days ago.Here is the letter The present owner of the Tomoka Oaks Golf Course, Ed Meixsell, is interested in selling the land to a developer. Ray Barshay and Carl Velie are negotiating to purchase the land and would like to close this month. Ray and Carl want to put as many houses on the land as possible (zoned 4.2 houses per acre for 140 acres) so they would net 350+ houses. This would mean approximately 700+ more cars, trucks, and other vehicles. 2) The Tomoka Oaks neighborhood was not designed to support that many homes. There is only one exit to a main road at Tomoka Oaks Blvd and Nova. Traffic, construction, utility buildout, loss of green space and buffers will be a disaster for the com

12:53:23 From  Paul : in Gainesville , there is a few courses in same situation and green space is causing multiple law suits. all is governed by the local township

12:54:06 From  John Anthony : Sergio, you are doing fine. People are nervous.

12:55:11 From  Paul : I need a dollar amount to make this work...even if just by me

12:55:45 From  Penny : Hey, we love Sergio. No offense intended. Just stating my view! 

12:55:51 From  Julie Freidus : I'll buy shares, Paul

12:56:14 From  Mike's iphone : We are interested as well Paul.

12:56:30 From  Paul : I need a point of contact to make an offer

12:56:38 From  Ashley DuFrene : I want to buy the land behind us as well. Anyway to get the private owners information before the contract goes through?

12:56:49 From  Mike Green : Our board is volunteer and we actually spend our own money trying to help us out

12:56:55 From  Peggy Brown : Yes I too am interested in buying the land behind me


12:57:03 From  Ashley DuFrene : Nothing is signed though

12:57:11 From  Ashley DuFrene : Like nothing is final

13:00:56 From  Paul : the issue is money. how much would owners in the HOA want to consider for the whole parcel? pebble beach did this 20 years ago..more zeros but for a price

13:01:14 From  Stephanie Janovsky : Are these developers experienced in developing homes/neighborhoods? Or is this their first time?

13:01:18 From  Penny : Again, does anyone know who these developers are? Do they have experience developing or are they contracting the work out? When will we have an idea of what kind of houses might be built?

13:01:35 From  Penny : (Thanks, Stephanie!)

13:02:05 From  Ashley DuFrene : Exactly! Thanks for saying that Jim

13:02:24 From  Ashley DuFrene : Saying something and writing something are totally different

13:02:25 From  Paul : I had heard 3 years ago the price was under 1.5 million. is that a good ball park ?

13:03:53 From  Adam Martin : I would guess 1.4-1.6 mil

13:04:36 From  Mike's iphone : meixell bought it for around 1.5m. I would put the price of over 5m minimum

13:08:13 From  missy herrero : last piece of developable land East of 95- It may be higher..sad that City didn’t do anything to put safeguards in place for smart growth and development for when this day came.

13:08:52 From  Paul : if we had 200 share holders at 25000 that would purchase and almost restore the course and a basic club house

13:09:37 From  Brown : Paul we agree and sent you a private message for contact.

13:09:57 From  Paul : there is president with a new berry course in the same concerns

13:10:08 From  Peggy Brown : Jim I would like to be on your committee.  I have experience in another city as a member of a planning commission.

13:10:12 From  missy herrero : Jim, can you please speak on the information that was presented to the city previously about putting safeguards in place for smart growth in the event of development?

13:10:33 From  Penny : I know it's not a popular view/idea, but it is devastating what is done to the wildlife around here. We live next to one small undeveloped lot, and I can't tell you the number of rabbits, turtles, even deer, we see. Then people bitch and moan about coyote and fox eating their cats.  It's just such a shame that every inch of property is developed in Ormond Beach, all for the holy dollar :(  I know this is going on everywhere, but it is very distressing.

13:10:37 From  Paul : what is the current offer

13:11:26 From  Paul : I need a real price for the course

13:11:56 From  Ashley DuFrene : If contract goes through, how can we ensure we have the buffer zone we need for those who live on the course

13:12:23 From  Ashley DuFrene : And also how can we ensure the environmental impact doesn’t cause flooding now that water won’t be absorbed into the land


13:13:18 From  Ashley DuFrene : Can we please discuss process of buffer zones

13:13:53 From  Adam Martin : So then we also risk them building a gated or higher priced community in the middle of ours with amenities such as community pools, playgrounds, etc which could devalue our homes

13:14:01 From  Debbie Landoskey : Will they be a separate HOA/

13:14:08 From  Brian Henderson  : I see the Mayor is on this call. I’d like to hear what he thinks

13:14:13 From  Ashley DuFrene : But how do we ensure it gets negotiated

13:14:51 From  amac : who is the current owner?

13:14:53 From  Gerri : Why is the third party not being disclosed?

13:15:06 From  Tom : Why not identify the developers? Info is public.

13:15:14 From  Ashley DuFrene : Adam good point!

13:15:47 From  Mary Hays : I listed them in the Next door post can't get it now

13:16:23 From  Paul : If I put up a million who would join me with a serious regard as an investment

13:16:23 From  Stephanie Janovsky : Have we put together a plan/list yet regarding what our "wants" are in order to support this development?

13:16:24 From  Ginger Stanley : I’m extremely concerned about the traffic coming into Tomoka oaks it’s not designed to handle this extra traffic

13:16:41 From  Ashley DuFrene : Don’t forget flooding too and environmental impact. We have a river right through our neighborhood and this land helps absorb water when we have heavy rain or hurricanes

13:16:51 From  missy herrero : Ray Barshay and Carl Velie

13:17:08 From  Gerri : Mary, we are asking for information on the third party involved.  Why would this not be disclosed?

13:17:34 From  Mary Hays : I think we should get Trails involved they will have the cost of updating bridge with traffic

13:17:37 From  missy herrero : The City should purchase with ECHO or other grants available 100’ buffer around the complete golf course for conservation zone...

13:17:53 From  Ginger Stanley : I think we can all agree the vacant rundown golf course needs to go i hope everyone can agree

13:17:53 From  Brian Henderson  : I see the Mayor is on this call. Can we allow him to speak on his position ?

13:17:59 From  missy herrero : Could be a walking trail for everyone to enjoy since we do not have sidewalks or bike trails

13:18:22 From  Ginger Stanley : bike trails would be fantastic

13:18:26 From  Adam Martin : it's the mayor's father I think

13:18:33 From  Penny : Missy, we would so like walking trails!!!

13:18:54 From  Paul : can we purchase the course and take the whole neighborhood private as in gate the 3 points of entry

13:19:13 From  Penny : Hey, Paul, I want a neighborhood pool :) 

13:20:08 From  Paul : if all put up 10 grand, we could raise capital to make this happen

13:20:42 From  barb PC : From Barbara Young

13:22:00 From  Ashley DuFrene : Why couldn’t it just be green space and running space for the neighborhood to enjoy. Like park style. Not turning it back into a golf course. Mowing and putting some nice running paths could be less expensive for maintenance.

13:22:34 From  Paul : this is a workable project but all need to be serious and dedicate to financial and a committed goal

13:23:33 From  Ginger Stanley : Does anyone know how much the developer bought the property for ?

13:24:38 From  Paul : as a side note, the utilities would all have to go underground. and that includes  the initial above ground tohoa

13:25:18 From  Penny : We need new city representatives. 

13:25:41 From  Tom :

13:25:41 From  Michael Ugarte : LOL

13:25:52 From  Mike's iphone : does anyone know what the proposed closing date or end of due diligence period ending of the existing contract is?

13:26:08 From  Adam Martin : Yes thank you Jim

13:26:10 From  Stephanie Janovsky : I believe we can ask to join boards for the city

13:26:16 From  Michael Ugarte : Agreed. Thank you both Jim and Sergio for keeping us all in the loop.

13:26:24 From  Paul : as another note we have multiple low lines that must be raised to 15 feet above street level

13:26:36 From  chris dunlop : thank you Jim!  love your dog too!

13:26:43 From  Michael’s iPhone : Thank you!

13:26:49 From  Peggy Brown : Thank you Sergio and Jim for your work on this

13:27:12 From  82973791992 : thaks.  valerie

13:27:20 From  Janice's iPhone   to   Tom(Direct Message) : Thanks Sergio, Jim and Tom - good job!

13:27:38 From  Cliff Colby : What do they plan to do with the club house building?

13:27:48 From  Paul : and we golf carts without license  tags thru out neighborhood

13:27:49 From  Michael Ugarte : Jim - are there any legal rescources or Florida laws that can aid us with this? Or is this 100% a local city issue?

13:28:28 From  Scott and Laura Dickason : Thank you Sergio and Jim for your time and effort in keeping all of us informed.  Much appreciated.

13:28:43 From  Ginger Stanley : it’s exciting to see something finally being down but hopefully they will listen to us and our opinions

13:28:59 From  Paul : as to grass height, there is a code enforcement number as to height...I believe 24 inches

13:29:00 From  Ginger Stanley : thank you everyone for all the information

13:29:27 From  Paul : btw Sam Sneed was the designer of the course

13:29:28 From  missy herrero : Jim, I was told that a plan involving a 100’ buffer would have to be discussed in the next 30 days in order for developer to make adjustments in proposed plan as well as buyers purchase price

13:30:07 From  Sue & Charlie Hillman : do we really have Gopher Turtles?  They are protected as well as their habitat

13:30:20 From  barb PC : From Barbara Young to everyone

13:30:24 From  Ashley DuFrene : Exactly and water will now run off onto our homes since it is a high point

13:31:05 From  barb PC : From Barbara Young

13:31:05 From  Vicki Davinich : Yes, I've crossed paths with gopher tortoises several times on my walks through the course.

13:31:36 From  Penny : We have a gopher tortoise living in our backyard.

13:31:38 From  Paul : I enjoy this neighbor hood and am willing to invest ...time is more valuable then funds

13:32:16 From  Tom   to   Janice's iPhone(Direct Message) : ed meixsell is current owner

13:32:22 From  barb PC : From Barbara Young

13:32:39 From  Tom : ed meixsell is current owner

13:32:46 From  Brown : We can always purchase the current purchasers option to purchase the course.  All we need to know is their offer and the expenses that they have incurred to date.

13:33:23 From  Ashley DuFrene : Missy asked a good question

13:33:27 From  Paul : as a engineering point we have low hanging cables on the poles in the front neighbor hood. we need the cable and phone company to raise before we lose power agaim

13:33:28 From  Joe Pickard : Not everyone may have the funds to participate in purchasing part of course or the desire.  We do appreciate the work you all are doing in our behalf.

13:35:54 From  Tom : keep talking to homeowners and city

13:38:20 From  Paul : that is why we could sell shares, like other investments...

13:39:18 From  Mary Hays : How about a privacy fence after 100 ft buffer?

13:39:33 From  Mike Green : Our board is volunteer and loses meoney

13:40:28 From  Hyre : bamboo

13:40:58 From  Penny : Mike, people might take it all more seriously if you didn't threaten people with physical violence on Nextdoor. Please. 

13:41:06 From  Paul : golf carts...not so serious. but we have kids driving carts. the police are looking a blind eye. but all under 25 mph carts need a tag and lites. and seat belts

13:41:07 From  Julie Freidus : Thank you to all board members!  Really appreciate your volunteerism!

13:41:30 From  Penny : Thank you, Sergio!!

13:41:33 From  Tom : one big problem is narrow fairways make it difficult to build houses/roads and buffers

13:41:58 From  Ashley DuFrene : I hope there are no promises being made to the developers, because why would they buy it if they have not gotten some kind of assurance of their plans?

13:43:07 From  Paul : there is also a fire department entrance thru the at andrews house thru taliqaa

13:43:25 From  barb PC : From Barbara Young

13:43:39 From  missy herrero : eveloper..could include raised berms in lieu of concrete wall of fence that required upkeep

13:43:45 From  Sue & Charlie Hillman : for those trying to sign in to clicking on "sign in with different account" worked for me

13:45:00 From  Tom : also to access, refresh/restart your browser and delete browser history.

13:45:06 From  Stephanie Janovsky : Sergio thank you for doing this via zoom.  I hope we continue to have a virtual option for future meetings : )

13:45:38 From  Penny : Thanks, Sergio! 

13:45:49 From  Tom :

13:46:37 From  Paul : thank you to all involved, board and the volunteers that help out above and beyond the money...this is advance citizenship.  you gotta want it

13:46:57 From  Paul : can you touch on golf carts and kids

13:47:07 From  Mary Hays : Thanks to all board members

13:47:14 From  Jane Eddy, ChFC : Thank you.

13:48:08 From  Heidi Nash : Thank you!

13:48:30 From  Ashley DuFrene : We will be mailing ours today!

13:48:34 From  Paul : the math of 27000 divided by 75 suggests 360 homeowners

13:48:43 From  John’s iPadOrmond : the beautification of our neighborhood depends on your $70. dues payment

13:49:00 From  Paul : so we need 200 homes to get involved

13:49:23 From  Brown : Thanks to the board for what you do. I know from experience how difficult it is to serve a community association.

13:49:45 From  Tom : thanks John F for beautification effort!!

13:49:45 From  Ashley DuFrene : Thanks Sergio and Jim! And Tom!

13:49:52 From  Brian Henderson  : please drive the speed limit - there are a lot of kids here.

13:49:53 From  Lori's iPad : thank you for the excellent information....what’s the possibility of raising the annual dues to $100 or &150?

13:50:15 From  Scott and Laura Dickason : Will there be an option soon where we can send our HOA dues electronically?

13:50:47 From  Paul : the current fine for an unlicensed cart and seatbelts is nothing compared to a needless death

13:50:49 From  Mary Hays : can a reminder be sent on dues if not pd

13:51:02 From  Ashley DuFrene : I will be giving $100 to ensure we don’t have to squeak by

13:51:08 From  missy herrero : Thank you to all of the current and past board members!! LET’S ALL GET INVOLVED!

13:52:02 From  Paul : the newspaper is 70 bucks a month and cable is 300 a month...

13:52:33 From  Ashley DuFrene : THANK YOU!

13:52:34 From  Penny : Thank you!!!

13:52:43 From  Paul : thousand takk

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